Boathouse Refurbishment

Boathouse Refurbishment Project

Having recently negotiated a new 30 year lease with Waveney District Council, the 1st Bungay (School) Sea Scout Group feel that the time is now right to modernise the facility.

We are confident that the planned internal alterations will attract increased and more diverse membership, will lead to savings in energy costs and make year-round use of the facility possible.

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The 1st Bungay (School) Sea Scout Group was founded in 1947 by Walter Brown and Derek Last, two teachers at the Middle school where weekly meetings were initially held.

In 1951 the same teachers approached Bungay Urban District Council who had taken over ownership of the land and buildings at Bungay Staithe, from a London brewing company. It was agreed that the derelict maltings could be turned into a Scout Boathouse at a rent of one pound per year.

In 1953, the Group repaired and converted the derelict building into a Boathouse and meeting place. The quay was also constructed and the Group were awarded Royal Naval recognition in 1956.

Further improvements were made to the Boathouse and store in 1975, and again in 1993.


Our current membership consists of approximately 70 young persons aged between 4 and 18, with 11 qualified adult leaders, 3 young leaders and 3 trainee leaders, all living in Bungay and the surrounding area.

Plans for the refurbishment were drawn up by a local Architect in 2015, and include the following works:

  • Provision of a disabled toilet facility
  • Improved female changing and toilet facility
  • Upgraded heating and lighting
  • Hot water storage for basins and kitchen
  • A replacement kitchen
  • Creation of a large attic storage area
  • Remove internal walls to create an enlarged meeting area

As a group we have been fundraising for 3 years and have adequate funds to meet the cost of these priced works, which will be carried out by local contractors.

However, our aim is to provide a first class facility and we estimate that a further £8,000 is required to provide floor finishes, tiling, decoration, storage racking, furnishings, as well as meet possible contingencies.


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